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Tree Removal San Diego

Whether you’re looking for San Diego tree removal because of necessity or redesigning your space, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help with all your tree removal San Diego needs.

Our tree removal experts work fast and efficiently to handle even the most difficult of tree removal projects.We know how disruptive it can be to the neighborhood with chainsaws, machines and big vehicles.

Our years of experience as a professional tree care company serve us well because we have developed a process and have the all the necessary equipment to handle tree removal as quickly as possible while prioritizing the safety of both people and property.

    Tree service company in san diego california

     San Diego Tree Removal



    The most frequent reasons we are hired to for tree removal service in San Diego:


    • Tree is posing a threat to structural property
    • Poor health of tree and at risk of falling
    • To prevent spread of disease or infestation that’s beyond fixing
    • Need to make way for new structure or project
    • To increase sunlight or reduce shade


    In most cases, the preference is to keep or save the tree if possible but sometimes this isn’t always an option.

    Do you need a permit to cut down a tree in San Diego?

    In most cases, you don’t need a permit for tree removal in San Diego when the tree is on private property.

    There are certain species of tree that do require a permit though so it’s best to either give us a call and we can help with any permit information or you can check the local San Diego rules and regulations for yourself.

    Tree service company in san diego california
    Tree service company in san diego california

    When do you need tree removal?

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    How much does tree removal cost in San Diego?

    Tree removal costs vary depending on many factors which make giving any specific number difficult because the job and requirements can differ greatly from home to home and situation to situation.

    Some of the key factors that impact the price include:


    • Size of the tree or trees
    • Number of trees to remove
    • Species of tree
    • Ease or difficult of access to the tree and area
    • Any structures to be taken into consideration


    It’s best to call us for a quote so we can tailor the quote to your specific tree removal needs.

    Our tree service company knows tree removal can be an expensive job. We do our best to offer competitive prices while maintaining a high degree of safety and service.

    We want to be your go-to tree service company for tree removal and treecare.

    Tree service company in san diego california
    Tree service company in san diego california

    San Diego’s Best Tree Removal Service

    Where possible, the first choice is always to save the tree and avoid having to remove it. The trees on your property and in our community serve many vital functions in nature’s ecosystem. Sadly, sometimes a tree is beyond saving.

    We also recognize that sometimes tree removal is a necessity when you are planning to use the area for new projects. In these cases, please ask about our stump removal service too if that’s going to be needed.

    San Diego is a wonderful and varied city and county. Home to many species of tree and plant. Many are native and some are not but have figured out how to adapt and survive or thrive. From lush greenery to the desert climate further inland, no matter where you are in the city of san diego tree removal requires experience and having the right equipment.


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