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Stump removal often is something that would follow removing a tree or in some cases, it could be for a tree that has already been removed or a tree that was damaged in a storm or an accident and the stump is either creating a problem or is simply an eyesore on the property.


Stump removal involves removing the leftover stump and roots. It is important because these parts of a tree will begin to decay if the tree is no longer intact and if disease and insects move in, it could impact the overall health of all the trees, plants, and the overall landscape.

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    Stump Removal in San Diego


    In fact, in some cases, the tree roots can still keep growing if the stump remains in the soil and it’s getting the required nutrients. Now, it is going to depend on your overall reason for the tree not being there as to how important getting the stump removed is.

    If it’s due to the roots impacting the foundations of a nearby building or sidewalk, it’s best to remove the entire tree, including the stump, to prevent further damage.


    San Diego Tree Stump Removal

    If the tree is being removed due to poor health, it’s often a good idea to remove the stump too in case it is also infected. The last thing you want to do is risk infecting other nearby trees with the same problem. 


    In the long term, a dead tree stump will likely die. This can then become a breeding ground for pests, disease, and fungi. Again, the concern here is the risk of it spreading easily to other trees you have close by. 


    It is better to have the stump removed, then risk a more expensive job later of having to solve the problem of Tree health.

    Tree service company in san diego california
    Tree service company in san diego california

    Stump Grinding San Diego


    When it comes to stump removal or stump grinding, we carefully assess the situation and choose the correct and most suitable approach to the job. It is important to have a professional handle stump removal because it can be dangerous or cause significant damage to property if something was to go wrong.

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