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Emergency Tree Service

When you’re facing an emergency situation involving a tree, you can call our emergency tree service for help.


Dial 619-453-0055 or click on the number to call directly from a mobile device.

Unfortunately storms and accidents can happen at any time which is why we are available 24/7 for emergency tree removal.

or click on the number to call directly from a mobile device.

When a storm comes through it can leave a path of destruction. This could be from wind or even flooding where trees have shifted or in some cases fallensome cases remove the tree as soon as possible before more significant damage can occur.


When there is a tree emergency whether it be due to a natural occurrence and part of nature, or perhaps somebody injured a tree and it is now posing danger, it doesn’t necessarily mandate that the tree has to be removed. We are experienced in handling all kinds of storm Damage and accidents involving tree debris. We will try to save as much of the landscape and trees as possible and will discuss the procedure for what needs to happen with you prior to beginning the job.


    Tree service company in san diego california

    San Diego Emergency Tree Service

    There are three main categories of San Diego tree emergency that we generally see most often:

    1.  Storm damage tree emergency

    Broken or downed trees due to heavy winds and occasionally from torrential rainfall. When those Santa Ana winds come through the San Diego County area, they cause damage and destruction because of their power. This can result in tree limbs breaking and in some cases, trees collapsing from the force of the winds.

    Another problem with our extremely dry climate is the soil can struggle to support a tree in some cases when it becomes completely soaked and the tree is already applying force from leaning. Soil erosion can also be a contributing factor as can burn scars from recent fires.

    2. An accident resulting in a tree emergency


    The most common factor is a tree sustaining significant damage after being hit by a moving vehicle. In some cases the tree might fall completely or become a concern due to lack of stability. 


    We also see ‘accidents’ related to DIY tree care attempts from homeowners. Not surprisingly, some people think they can save a few dollars by trying their own tree trimming and in some cases, tree removal. When this goes wrong, the results can be devastating. We’ve been called out to trees that have gone through roofs or resting on top of vehicles. 


    It’s not a good idea to carry out high risk work unless you’re qualified and have the right equipment and training but regardless of the cause, we are on call to help fix the situation and remove the tree while making sure the area is as safe as possible.

    Tree service company in san diego california
    Tree service company in san diego california

    3. A situation where a tree is a potential major hazard


    This can vary depending on the circumstances but we’ve seen situations where a heavy tree limb has broken and is hanging on but it’s over a walkway or structural property.

    In these cases, it’s critical to keep people and pets away from the area until the tree branch is secured and safely removed.

    Again, it’s best to give us a call if you have a tree emergency in San Diego, CA. 

    Here in Southern California we are presented with some different challenges to other parts of the United States. In urban and suburban areas, there has been significant building and construction which takes up much of the natural environment.

    We also are in a major long lasting drought, which means that the ground is very hard and less likely to absorb rainwater as quickly. California and the Western region of the country is known for wildfires, Many of which are caused by natural occurrences and a part of nature’s way of clearing out all debris and renewing the resources in the soil.


    This creates a potential major danger for those who live in areas that are affected by the factors above. Flights are considered one of the most dangerous and damaging natural disasters. When wildfires burn away not only debris but also trees and plants, The water and potential mudslides are more likely to threaten people’s property.

    Tree service company in san diego california


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